Friday, June 27, 2008

In the Strength of the Lord

Today is the day - Day 1 of a new 21-Day Challenge.

This morning, as I walked from 6-6:30am, I listened to Elder David A. Bednar's talk "In the Strength of the Lord." He gave this talk several times - the first time was at BYU-Provo, and that was the version I listened to. He gave a modified, much shorter version of this talk in his first General Conference address when he was sustained an apostle. If you have never heard the full talk, I highly encourage you to go to the link above and read it. Even better, you can go to BYU Broadcasting, do a search and listen to the talk. This one talk has changed my understanding and perspective on the Atonement and it's ability to help us to change for the better more than any one single thing. I believe I have listened to it at least 15-20 times.

In honor of our new challenge, I've created a little inspirational thought from this talk, and I hope to do several more, which I will continue to post over the next few days. Hope you enjoy it!

I truly have a testimony of the power and ability of the Atonement of Christ to enable us to "change from bad to good, from good to better, and to have our very natures changed." I felt it this morning as I walked, keeping my promise to myself to make a small change for good. I am so thankful for this enabling power, and for how I feel when I am working on becoming the woman that I know Heavenly Father wants me to become.

I hope you can feel that today, too - the power for good we have when we rely on the strength of the Lord.


Lizardbreath McGee said...

These are wonderful quotes. Thanks, luv. (Also, I was so happy to hear that Sarah is now trying to blow raspberries. I have taught my niece well.)

Jill said...

Mike and I have been (mostly) sugar free for a week now! I don't think you realize how much sugar is presented to you in daily life until you decided to stop eating it! It's amazing! It does make you feel good to do something that is REALLY hard!

Macy said...

Good for people to know.