Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another 21-Day Challenge!

Dear, dear readers, I give my humblest apologies. I have been missing-in-action, I know. We were in Utah, visiting family for two weeks, and then we came home. And I kept thinking that I needed to have some stellar photos to show you of our trip before I posted. And I haven't done ANY photo editing since I've been back, namely because I have about 800 photos to edit, and it's overwhelming, and I'm procrastinating. Sorry Mom. I'll get those family photos done soon.

While we're waiting, I wanted to announce the beginning of another 21-day Challenge. We'll start on Friday, since y'all have probably stopped checking my blog, since I haven't posted for 3 weeks. Here's my new goal - to get up early (5:30 or 6), and exercise everyday, except Sundays. Along with this goes going to be by 9:30 or 10, since I really need my beauty sleep, phew... I look like a tired 31-year old mom of 4 without my beauty sleep.

By the way, how did your last 21-day challenge go? I made it through my no-sugar pact, faithfully, then fell of the bandwagon on vacation. But I'm back on it, now. That's what we do when we goof up, right, we get right back on that horse. It's so easy to stay off - horses aren't very comfy. Or maybe they are - I don't know, since I've only been horse-back riding once, and it was with a guy I was dating, and I was rather focused on him, not the horse. Point is, it gets more comfy going back to our old, familiar habits. But I'm doing great again - I hope you are, too.
Who's with me for another 21-Day Challenge?


Lara said...

I am. I'm going off sugar. Starting Friday. Yesiree bob I am.

jennette said...

I love challenges! I just started a 10:30pm to 6:25am sleep schedule and I feel great! I love the quietness of the mornings and the sense of order that it sets for the rest of the day! My days also seem to be filled with more hours because they are much more productive. Thanks for the last challenge - I think I did moderatley well, if that counts?!!

Joanna said...

So far Eli is really helping me get up early in the mornings.