Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Philmont Scout Ranch

I'm still not finished with my Imaginisce assignment, but since I haven't blogged for a week, I suppose it's time!

I just went through my pictures from attending a Family Fun Weekend Event at Philmont Scout Ranch. It was the first weekend in May, and we had a blast! We went with some of our great friends - the "H" family and the "N" family - friends from way back when we lived in Chicago to do medical school.

Philmont was donated to the Boy Scouts back in 1938 by an oil tycoon named Waite Phillips and it's amazing! It's 144,000 acres, and has the most amazing villa on it, built by Mr. Phillips only 15 years before he donated it to the scouts. He and his wife built it based on villas in Italy and Spain, and it's beautiful - so many cool details. The estimated worth for the villa is over 5 million dollars today.

Below I've included some of my favorite pictures of the villa, and of our kids.


jennette said...

Yea More posts! Your sweet little ones are so beautiful! I love your pictures Mary!

Becky said...

I'm so wanting a gorgeous picture-taking camera like you have! (Although, maybe it's the photographer and not the camera that makes them turn out the way they do!)

Can't wait till you're here!!!!

Jill said...

what an amazing place! It really looked like you had taken your family on an "out of country" vacation!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I love the pic of all 4 kids and of the girls hugging each other - those are SOOOOOOO cute!