Thursday, May 08, 2008


Okay - I really want to be real on this blog. I love keeping in touch with friends, and all that, but honestly, I feel like I need this blog so that I can be better about documenting my life, and so that I can work on improving my gazillions of flaws. Mostly, I guess, if I lay everything out in bold print, I'm hoping that I might feel more motivated to do better. So, the first thing I want to do is start something called


I first read about The 21 Day Challenge from an amazing scrabook artist,Rhonna Farrer. Sorry I don't have that cool thing where you can click on her name and take you to her blog. Not there yet - just starting this whole blog thing. Maybe I'll figure it out next week. Or next year. Or I'll get Bekah to figure it out for me, cause, hey, why'd I have all these kids if they can't figure out complex computer dilemmas? You'll just have to google her on your own.

Anyhoo, (sorry, I get sidetracked really easily), I want to start a 21-day challenge. Behind the premise is the idea that it takes 21 days to start a new habit (or stop one, for that matter), and I'm in some serious need of stopping a bad habit, and starting a bunch of better ones. But, we're not going to do all of that at once. No, one habit at a time - babysteps, that's my motto.

My bad habit that I'm giving up is EATING SUGAR - I'm not going to do it anymore. I know from past experience (since I've given up sugar at least, maybe 15 times), that the next 4 or 5 days are going to be agonizing, but I can do it. And since, when giving up a bad habit, we should replace it with a good one, I'm going to replace it with eating 3 healthy, whole food meals each day, and 2 snacks. So there. I've said it. Now I'm going to do it.

As part of my 21 day challenge, I'm going to post an inspirational message each day. I would like to try and make it cute, cute, cute, but that may have to come later. So, here's one of my favorite sayings:

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed,

but that our power to do is increased”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, do any of you want to join me in the 21 day challenge? You don't have to do the no-sugar thing - you can choose anything you'd like to work on, from cleaning your room, to exercising, writing in a journal - whatever. I'd love some support!


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

CONGRATS MARY!!! On RE..starting your blog!

I do the no sugar thing all the time - and usually right before I deliver to the time the baby is several months old - so hey I am on board. I needed something to really jump start me. I will commit for the 21 days. Much less daunting than the last time I did it - which was for 4 months. I do make one exception and that is for one piece of 70% cocoa dark choc a day.
And kudos for taking the plunge. The no sugar one is one of the hardest ones to do!

Crystal said...

Mary! I'm so glad to reconnect with you and start reading your blog! Your kids are absolutely adorable.... especially that baby! Take care!

Lara said...

Very happy you're blogging again! :)

Your photos are gorgeous! do a link, just highlight the word/words you want to link and click on the little thing that looks like a chain link on the top of the posting window. A little window pops up and prompts you to enter the website URL you are linking. It's pretty easy.

Jill Bearden said...

Hi Mary! I am so glad you started a blog! I love reading about how you are doing and seeing your CUTE family! I will totally join your challenge. I have decided to start with an easier challenge...I am going to try and make my bed for 21 days! I've gone through good and bad phases, but I know it's something most grown-ups do! I will let you know how it goes. I can't remember if I have given you my blog address, but it's There is a Prairie 6th ward link there if you would like to check out old friends from the ward. I will add you if you want me to! Sorry this was so long!!!

Lizardbreath McGee said...

Hurrah, Mary! :D

I'll add your blog to my Google Reader account. :)

Also, I think I'd like to exercise in some way for 21 days. I may count things like walking to or from campus (since it's about a 40-minute walk), but I'd like to be sure to do it consistently.

Becky said...

I'm commiting to your challenge too! What a great idea! I would like to read a full chapter from the scriptures every day. I'm good about reading, but some days it's only a verse or two. And I'm much worse when Vince is home b/c I want to hurry and climb into bed to snuggle with him! So now that he's going to be home with me instead of in Vernal (huzzah!) I need to commit to being better at reading consistently. Thanks for the help! And good luck for you too!

Joanna said...

Okay, how creepy that I started exercising two days ago? And now that you've posted this, I should really keep going. (I will be more motivated in about six weeks, because I will be losing weight instead of gaining it.)

Also, I should commit to working on getting a blog actually up and going, because now you and Becky have both beaten me to it when I've been trying to do it for weeks!

jennette said...

Hi Mary - I love reading your blog. What a fun idea, although I don't think I'm strong enough to LIVE without sugar. I'm trying to gain weight (something that most people don't like to hear) buy it is a blessing and a curse. So I am going to try and REMEMBER to eat 3 regular (and healthy) meals a day! (I feel much better when I do.) I just get so busy with my kids that I often don't. Maybe I'll gain 5 after the 21 days. Thanks - Love ya sis!

Dana and Chris Robb said...

So they say that after 21 days it becomes a habit, right? It seems like I can do the no sugar thing for about 21 days and then I give in. I was really good over Christmas and didn't have any sugar AT ALL for two weeks before Christmas and two weeks after and let me tell you it was the best Christmas ever (sugar really makes me moody). I'm up for the challenge again.

Kyria Rey said...


It was so nice to catch up on you and the family. The kids look so big. You are a fabulous photographer and Steven suggested you may want to pursue it as a portrait photographer of kids and families. You got the talent girl.

OUr kids are big and Kristopher is 2nd year of college, Shana is graduating from high school and going to college as well. time flies. would love to catch up.
Kyria Rey (