Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I'd be astonished if ANYONE ever reads my blog anymore, since I am so bad about posting regularly. Just in case anyone is, though, I thought I'd post this tag I did on Facebook, since I don't think anyone read it there.

1. I LOVE yoga - I took it up this summer, and do a program from BYUTV called Total Body Fitness. The instructor is Deni Preston, and she's amazing. If you don't have BYUTV, you can still find it on the website on the internet. It's on MWF at 5 am, and 10 am, but you can watch any program that's been on in the past 2 weeks anytime.

2. I gave birth without any painkillers to all four of my children. And even though I DID ask for the epidural with Sarah, I can still say I did it without painkillers, since they didn't have time to get the medicine in before she decided to pop out. Also, if I have to be put on pitocin and have another posterior baby, I will ask for the epidural earlier!!!

3. Each of my labors has been longer than the last - Bekah's was 3 hours, Sam was 4, Bethany was 11, and Sarah was 21.

4. I sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 2 1/2 years, and I miss it so much I cry about it (still).

5. I LOVE babies - holding them, smelling them, watching them, mmmm...

6. I love to learn - picking up a new hobby or interest is one of my favorite things to do.

7. I'm a self-taught graphic-design artist.

8. Growing up, my hair was bone straight, but with each pregnancy, it goes curly, and it gets curlier with each pregnancy. Aren't hormones weird?

9. One of my biggest weaknesses is my organizational ability. I think that I've had the New Year's Resolution of becoming more organized for about 10 years running. I'm still working on it...

10. My absolute favorite thing to eat are strawberries. I can eat a flat all by myself in about 24 hours.

11. I grew up in Southern California and never once went tanning.

12. I lived in Utah for 10 years, and now live in Colorado, and have never been skiing.

13. I love to read, but don't have a lot of time for it, so I have become a huge fan of audiobooks. I probably listen to 5-10 audiobooks a month (usually while I clean, fold laundry, make dinner, walk on the treadmill, etc.)

14. I've worked in the scrapbooking industry for over 5 years, and have designed 3 different paper/product lines.

15. I love to take road trips.

16. My husband is my absolutely best friend and he and I go on a date almost every Friday night.

17. I really hate calling people on the phone that I don't know.

18. I am the oldest of 7 children.

19. Besides listening to audiobooks, I also love to listen to BYU devotionals, General Conference and Women's Conference talks. Most of them I download off of

20. Mexican food is my favorite.

21. I cook a lot, and only use a recipe about 30% of the time.

22. We have couches with white slipcovers, and I will never buy white slipcovers again.

23. Our yard isn't landscaped yet (except the vegetable garden), and we have a whole acre of tumbleweeds.

24. We have seen jackrabbits, prairie dogs, snakes, hawks, and even a coyote on our property.

25. I don't like to make people feel obligated to do anything, so I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you feel like doing this- go for it!


Jill said...

Ya! You blogged! I have it set up on my blog page so that I can tell when someone on my list posts something new. I had to take some Bayer Asprin ( you stop my heart attack) when I saw you

I LOVE listening to audio books too! It's so much more productive than sitting down to read. I clean and fold and scrub MUCH longer while listening to a book!

I miss you!

Joanna said...

I've been doing Total Body Fitness, too! Except I only do the Aerobics on Tuesdays & Thursdays. When I try to do yoga, Hyrum can't stop himself from climbing on me. It makes balancing a bit too difficult.

janettag said...

I try to check when I have time. Thanks for's fun to get to know people better. I did the same thing Jill did and changed my list of other bloggers to show me when their page was last's made a world of difference for me. I am more efficient with my time that way.

Cox Clan said...

Wow!! We have a lot in common. I laughed when I read about your hair going curly. Mine did the same thing. I love audiobooks too for the same reason, but if I had a choice I would pick actually reading them. There was several other things you listed that sounded like me. We must be related or something.

Lara said...

It makes me so happy to see all the people working out to my mom! Everyone except me, anyway. It's too weird for me.

I totally agree with you on many of these points but 8,9 and 17 most especially.

queendeni said...

I'm so honored to be mentioned by you, but what I am impressed with is you singing in the Tab!!

Amberly said...

i like you mary! so i might need you to give me advice because i'm going to try to get into the music program at BYU when and if i go there. :) any tips would be appreciated! it was fun getting to know you better!

Mama M said...

I don't think I was surprised by any of the 25 things you told about yourself except the coyote. Yikes!

May your mother also add that you are kind and gracious and positive!

And may I also edit Joanna's comment by explaining that Hyrum is her 2-year-old son and not her dog or her cat. Or her husband. (Oh please! No blushing at your mom's audacity!)

The Hurst Family said...

Mary, that was fun. Maybe on the weekend I'll have time to take up the tag. We're glad you're dad is doing better. We've been praying hard for him. Love you RaeAnn

Lydia said...

That was fun, thanks for sharing.

Jessica and Tim said...

Thanks for the tip about yoga online. I want to start up again and I don't have a TV. I just went back to choir on Thursday and I'll have to shoot you an email about what's going on - they prohibit blog posts about it. :o)

jennette said...

I love it! That was so fun to read!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Hi Mary, I know what you mean. I got really laxed about blogging, especially since I got on facebook. Are you on my facebook? Now I am curious. And I have not been looking at anyone elses blog because my time felt squeezed so I am just now making my catch up rounds and seeing what everyone is up to.

Those were good tidbits - I knew lots of them, but some were pretty funny - the white slipcovers. And I would be freaked out if I saw a coyote and a snake on my property - yikes!!

renetta said...

Hey, I'll help you get organized if you'll show me how to take such beautiful photographs.... and to cook with out recipes! Love you.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing, it's fun to hear what's going on with you and your family!