Friday, August 01, 2008

Remember that Project for Imaginisce?

Just to mix things up a little, and give you something else to look at besides the endless pictures of the Family Photo Shoot, I thought that I'd show you all the projects I made for Imaginisce a couple of months ago. One of the best things about my work is getting to see the new product lines months before the come on the market. The downside is, I can't post any projects I've done with them until they're released. These lines have officially been released now, so I can finally put them here on my blog!

These projects were for "Fairest of Them All" - a darling Princess line. This is a gift bag, princess wand, and purse. I also made a cute "princess ball" invitation, but I finished literally seconds before I had to ship everything off, so I didn't get a chance to photograph it.

Here's one layout, also using the "Fairest" line. Click on any pictures to see a larger version with more detail.

The next few projects are from "Snowy Jo," the upcoming Christmas line. They asked me to work on neighbor gift ideas with this line as well as scrapbook pages. It was a little funny to be working on Christmas neighbor gifts in May!

This is a little neighbor gift idea. The jar has hot cocoa in it. (I have to admit, that I probably wouldn't ever put this much work into neighbor gifts. I'm lucky if we give out any neighbor gifts at all! I guess I should do better this year and get it all done in August - ha ha ha! Like that's going to happen!) The little snowman is made up of a series of stickers. I think he's pretty adorable.
Sorry, this picture is a bit overexposed, so Bekah is kind of washed out. The paper is really cute, though!

I wish that I'd had time to photograph all of the pages from this little recipe album. They turned out SO cute! The album has 8 Christmas recipes inside, and each recipe has a cute little rubon on it. The gingerbread man is a stamp.
I thought this Christmas Journal/Wishbook turned out well, too. The Christmas tree is a build-a-sticker page, so it was very easy and quick to make.

These last projects are cards using Snowy Jo, Fairest, and Hallowhimsy, another new Imaginisce line. The cards were supposed to be simple - I'm always good at being simple.


Nerd Goddess said...

Those are so fun! I'm always amazed at how talented you are at this whole scrapping thing. Awesome. :)

Also good to see the scarf I made for Bekah will forever be immortalized in a scrapbook page.

Mama M said...

Hey, it is me and I am finally back on terra firma and connected to the hive mind! Europe was amazing, but I am SO GLAD TO BE HOME!

Loved the lay-outs of your work. Your designs are so appealing. You make it look easy, and I know that it it really a lot of detailed work. What a phenomenally talented daughter.

Love, Mama

Jill said...

So cute! Remember us little people when you are rich and famous!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Wow - those are impressive. I love the one with the snowflake as the "o" - I loved the Halloween ones. They were awesome. I love the one of your daughter - that looked very complex - but aweomse.

That is so cool Mary!!

Lara said...

Absolutely beautiful, Mary! You inspire me to go scrap...I haven't done it in months!